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27th May 2020, 7:08 PM in Part 3
Page 453
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Annausagi2 27th May 2020, 7:08 PM edit delete
"...So this is the dept we've reached. It's so dark down here. So very dark,,,"

...Yeah, I don't have much else to add to today's page, just... Finneus, why. :I


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Aiyse 27th May 2020, 9:23 PM edit delete reply
Oh Finneus.... *facepalm*
Annausagi2 27th May 2020, 9:48 PM edit delete reply
Someone's gotta teach Loke the meaning of a facepalm, because I think it's something he feels like doing... a lot. x,D
CaitSidhe 27th May 2020, 9:24 PM edit delete reply
Finneus is such a fuckboy. I feel like something like this might have been said before, but it really needs reiterating here LOL.

Also Loke's look of ??? is priceless.
Annausagi2 27th May 2020, 10:03 PM edit delete reply
x,D It's so true, though. One of my struggles has been trying to make him a likeable character, fuckboi-ness aside. <.<'

"I'd love to know what Loke is thinking right now..." is what my friend said about that panel lmao.
CaitSidhe 28th May 2020, 1:12 AM edit delete reply
I constantly flip flop between not liking him at all and then kind of warming up to him - he brings in a lot of comic relief which is pretty fun.

Turns out Loke is just thinking about that delicious steak from a billion pages ago.
Annausagi2 28th May 2020, 1:25 AM edit delete reply
I'm the same, I think. :D
I tend to really dislike characters like him, and I wanted to make sure I didn't write him like one of those irredeemable-pervy-pig characters... so at least he brings us some lols. xD

Loke would totally be the type that zones out in the middle of a conversation...
dandelion 28th May 2020, 2:04 AM edit delete reply
Ohohohoh Finneus. I still like him very much, thank you.

And look at Loke's "I don't understand anything so I'm just gonna stand here." face.
Annausagi2 28th May 2020, 4:03 AM edit delete reply
*Insert Finneus blushing because he got attention* 8>

I'd love if Loke insisted Finneus explained the "joke" to him.:,D
awkwardhybrid 29th May 2020, 4:31 PM edit delete reply
can't believe we have to cancel finneus now😔
Annausagi2 29th May 2020, 6:54 PM edit delete reply
It's time to dislike and unsubscribe from his social media accounts. :V
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